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$2,850.00 - $4,200.00

--Image Tube choices--

Photonis Echo white phosphor

Elbit XLSH, PH, SLH, YH white phosphor

L3 Unfilmed 18UM, 18UA, 20UA, 24UA white phosphor

--Device Specifications--

Magnification: 1x

Lens System: 26mm, F1.2

FOV: 40°

Range Of Focus: 0.25 m to ∞

Dioptre Adjustment: +2 to -6 dpt

Controls: Direct

Infrared Illuminator: Yes

IR Indicator: Yes (in FOV)

Low Battery Indicator: Yes (in FOV)

Power Supply: 1x AA

Environmental Rating: 1m for 30 minutes

Battery Life: 40 hrs

Dimensions: 104 x 60 x 50mm

Weight: 335 g